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Richard Brooks is an experienced consultant and former CEO with a rich background in enhancing sales, marketing, and key account management. Educated to MBA level and an engaging university lecturer, Richard brings a wealth of expertise in corporate strategy. Globally oriented, he excels in elevating businesses across diverse international markets.

Richard is a dynamic force in supporting the localization and wider services sector, bringing a global perspective to every project. Open to exploring new opportunities, he invites you to reach out and engage in a transformative conversation.

Richard Brooks

Managing, Positioning and Reinventing your LSP

Language service companies don’t often encounter challenges because of the quality of the work they produce—this is often superb. Difficulties arise due to the quality of business decisions, particularly in these key areas:


How is your company different from the thousands of other LSPs? What market segments are you targeting? Who are your strategic accounts? How do you plan to reach new clients and establish a strong brand presence? Can you explain what value your services offer your customers? What strategies will you employ to communicate your unique value proposition of your language services?


How are you managing your financial aspects, including budgeting, pricing strategies, and cash flow management? Is your LSPs financial performance in line with your competitors? Are you considering crucial decisions related to company valuation, engaging in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and implementing succession planning? Do you know what your LSP is worth? Do you have a plan to increase this value?


How are you ensuring that your company stays ahead in a rapidly evolving industry? How do you measure the impact of your innovative initiatives on client satisfaction? Are you leveraging data analytics and to drive innovation? Are you fostering a culture of innovation to encourage new ideas and approaches? Are you monitoring and adapting to emerging trends in the language services industry?

Navigating through questions like these and creating a strategic plan for your LSP is a process that demands dedication and time, both from you and from me. If you’re ready to make this commitment, I am here to collaborate and guide you every step of the way.

The first step is simple: book a call with me. It all begins with a conversation.

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