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I’ve helped 100s of companies unlock latent value in their business. With a focus on sales and business management I run workshops designed to create winning strategies for today’s competitive world. 

For all of the workshops I’ll provide the slidedecks, workbooks, whiteboard notes, pre-reading and recordings. Everything is fun, interactive, informative and inclusive. 

A non-exhaustive list of topics are below:

  • Facilitation for your Strategy Workshop 
  • Sales training for non-Sales People
  • Introduction to Key Account Management 
  • Develop a Strategic Toolbox Workshop
  • Management Essentials Workshop

I can run these via zoom or in person. What works for you works for me. Bespoke workshops are available. If you have something in mind that isn’t covered below, please contact me. Below are more details about each workshop.

Facilitating a Strategy Workshop

Together with your team we’ll systematically analyse the economy, industry, your customers and your company’s resources. This will create the foundation to creating a sustainable corporate strategy maximising the value you offer your shareholders and your customers. 

I am a practitioner of PEST(LE) Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, The Resource Based View of the Firm and the Business Model Canvas. I walk you through each model and then we work through it together to cover a 360 degree view. 

Your company will perform wherever you ask your senior team to focus. Whatever that may be, a set robust corporate goals is essential. You’ll come away from this workshop with a strategic plan for your business. 

Sales Training for non-Sales People 

The best sales people in your organisation might be outside of your sales team. The trouble is they’d sooner stick pins in their eyes then sell. As Kotler said, “The sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department.” 

This is aimed at technical people who are apprehensive of the sales process. In this interactive workshop I will introduce some key concepts of sales, take the team through it step-by-step, introduce the possibility that sales is a process, explore how value can be created and brainstorm solutions with the team. 

On completion of the workshop the team will have a plan on how to create, innovate and communicate the value that they create to the customer. 

Introduction to Key Account Management 

Key Account Management is a set of processes designed for businesses who want to maximise their opportunities when selling to other businesses. This framework of tools will help to identify and plan customer-centric strategies. 

Building long term sustainable relationships will retain your existing clients for longer. This relationship will form the foundation on which the journey from supplier to partner is built. As it develops the opportunity for your company to achieve higher returns is more probable. 

This workshop will be beneficial to most client facing and is an opportunity for those in a sales role to build on their existing skills. 

Develop a Strategic Toolbox Workshop

Analysing a market is an important part of any business plan or corporate strategy. This workshop will show you the tools that you need to understand to achieve this. 

I’ll show you how to analyse the macro, industry, company and business model environments. 

The models we’ll cover are:

  • PESTLE (Macro Environment) 
  • Porter’s Five Forces (Industry Landscape)
  • Business Model Canvas (Company) 
  • Resource Based View of the Firm 
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • Boston Box
  • SWOT

Afterwards you’ll have a solid understanding of these models, how they link together and how you can use this toolbox to provide value to your own business. 

Management Essentials Workshop

It requires a lot more than technical knowledge to be a good manager. Many managers find themselves unprepared or lacking in confidence when it comes to dealing with the new challenges of leading a team. 

Aimed at new managers or members of the team who are on a management development program this workshop will help to fast-track skills and make the transition into management a success. 

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