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Ten Ideas for Corporate Workshops

Looking for ideas to improve employee engagement and enhance productivity in your organisation? Check out our article featuring ten corporate workshop topics, including time management, diversity and inclusion, stress management, and more, that can help you achieve your goals. Add these workshops to your company's schedule to bring new energy to your brainstorming and project-based meetings.

The 3-12-6 planning framework

The importance of effective planning and the steps involved, including defining SMART objectives, analysing the internal and external environment, developing strategies and action plans, and monitoring progress. Provides examples of corporate objectives using the 3-12-6 planning framework and highlights the importance of following a logical sequence when setting goals.

Maximise LSP Sales with SPIN Selling

The importance of having a sales process for success in localization. Introduces the SPIN Selling process developed by Neil Rackham. SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff, and the process focuses on understanding the needs and motivations of the buyer. Shows guidance on how to apply SPIN Selling to the localization industry and provides sample situation and problem questions for use in sales meetings.