I am committed to supporting better management across all businesses. This is why I’m uploading as many of my resources here for free download. This will take the form of presentations, templates, guides, graphics and whatever else I’m working on with a brief explanation of each. I do hope they help, if you ever want to talk to me about anything I’ve produced or presented I’m happy to chat.

This section will continue to grow and develop. If you are looking for something that you can’t find, please do get in touch.


I present on topics such as business administration, sales, communication and international business. Always good fun and enjoy talking to people. If you’re looking for a speaker for an event I’d love to help – contact me.

Managing Customers

Presented to the Finnish Language Service Providers (SKY) as part of their members webinar series. Delivered as an introduction on how to manage customers when providing a business -to-business service. The central premise being that; all customers are not created equally and if we learn a little about sales and customer management we can provide the right amount of value and earn the right amount too.

Listening to the customer can give us great insights into their world but they might not always understand what they want. It helps to be able to analyse their world to see how your product impacts it and demonstrate the true value of your service.

Avoid Getting Lost in Translation

Presented to Cranfield School of Management this was a lighthearted look at what happens when language translation goes wrong. Also has a serious message that precision in the translation of business messages, documentation, contracts, etc is crucial for Global Account Managers. Companies that specialise in helping global organisations with cross-border communication often get asked, “why can’t you just Google translate it?” this question drives me crazy and was the driving influence behind this lecture.

Establishing clear communication and a proper dialogue with your customers and potential customers is essential. Whatever form the communication takes, there are always complications, distractions and noise as the Watzlawick Barnlund model of communication shows us. The advice I’d give all global teams is in the words of Epictetus, the Greek philosopher around the first century C.E.: “We have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Go to your clients and give them a really good listening to.

No Such Thing as a Commodity

Presented at memoQFest, a 3-day event attended by translation industry professionals, this presentation took stock of the global economic situation and argued against inevitable product commoditisation.

As all markets mature there’s a tendency for them to appear to be commoditised, “Like death and taxes, product commoditisation of your products are a given”. The localization industry is not immune to this and is seeing price pressures everywhere. This happens in all verticals and if studied we can learn how other industries address the pressure on margins. In the slidedeck I show a case study on the pricing of pencils, being an age old product (commodity?) ranging from 10 cents up to $700 for something that provides the user the same utility. Building a customer centric organisation and demonstrating the value it creates to your customers will improve your margins.

Introduction to Business Finance

Developed for the members of Elia as a training aid to level up their knowledge around how a company reports its finances. Uses consolidated (and completely fabricated) balance sheets, profit & loss account and cash flow statements. Very important to learn how these financial documents link together and what information they convey to the world.

We can also use financial ratios to benchmark performance across a group of companies. Helping with investment or even key account management decisions.

Account Management and Sales in a Post Pandemic World

Presented at the ALC Amplify Sales and Project Management Forum. This is a two-day virtual event of dynamic presentations from a lineup of industry experts.

In this presentation I cover a board range of topics about B2B sales and how companies can position themselves to maximise opportunities post-pandemic. Setting the scene with how business has changed and that we are at an inflection point (the 4th industrial revolution). Traditional business models are changing, the change in habits of work of 2020/2021 sped this up and now we can see new businesses appearing. As entrepreneurs this gives us an excellent opportunity to revisit business strategies and tactics to maximise any new opportunities open to us.

Sales has changed with transaction/simple sales being increasingly automated. This may mean your sales team is no longer fit for purpose. Use the models and frameworks I’ve given in this slidedeck to benchmark their abilities to retrain where needed.

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